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Friday, May 7, 2010

i invaded Bono's personal space

Rod and I attended the premiere of The Lazarus Effect earlier this week at The Museum of Modern Art.

It's an HBO documentary about the the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Did you know 40 cents/day can provide medication for those suffering with HIV? This medication can radically change their life. This is a great cause and I encourage you to check them out and get involved. I'm not going to say anything more about the cause because I know you are going to check out the above link. Right? Please check out the above link. Did I mention you need to check out the above link? Thank you.

I realize I didn't post a picture of the dress I wore to the event on yesterday's post. I'm going to show you a little pic of the fabulous shoes I wore instead.

Hello, lover.

A pair of Prada shoes can even make parquet flooring look good. And yes, I need a pedicure. And yes, those shoes were bought at an outlet.

Anyway, the event was fantastic. A great date night for Rod and me.

During cocktail hour, some celebrities began to arrive. I didn't bring my good camera, so my pictures aren't the highest quality, but I thought you'd still like to see who was there.

Gabby Sidibe from Precious.


Iman is such a beautiful woman. Flawless.

Here's a picture of her shoes. I don't know what came over me, but I felt it was important for me to show you her shoes.

And look! There is Hayden Christensen.

Are you wondering how I'm getting so close to these people? I walked right up to the media section and breathed down the necks of stood behind these people.

Living in New York has given me courage. And less personal boundaries. And an extra 5-10 pounds, but I don't want to talk about the pounds right now.

All of a sudden there was some commotion. I looked up and saw Bono.

Well, hello Bono. You're looking very nice this evening. It's OK for me to say that. I think my husband has as big a crush on him as I do.

I couldn't take just one picture of Bono. I had to take about 20 or 137.

And I'm sure you're wondering what kind of shoes Bono wears to such an event.

You're welcome.

All celebrity-stalking aside, it was a great evening. The movie is quite sobering, but gives you hope and a desire to become involved in this fight against HIV/AIDS. We all need to be involved.

Please watch the movie when it comes to HBO on May 24th later this month.


Gayla said...

Oh, Michelle... you are my HERO!!! And it's okay to be completely jealous of your hero, isn't it? Because I am filled with a jealous rage that you got that close to our man, Bono. We can share him, right? With Rod too, if he insists.

Seriously- such a great cause and such great shoes to wear to such a great event. Happy for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Although I'm very impressed that you were up close and personal with Bono, I'm WAY more impressed with your Prada shoes. :)

Kristen said...

New reader here! Simply excited. Love your posts and adventures in my fave city ;)

Shoes, yes please. What a great night! Have a lovely weekend!

ItchyBits said...

I'm not going to believe you anymore when you say you have nothing to wear....

snekcip said...

Okay now that I have wipe the dribble off my lips, I.LOVE.THOSE.SHOES!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I think your shoes were WAY cuter than Iman's shoes!!! I'm a shoe person and YES will notice a pair of shoes before I zone in on the face!! Will have to remember the date and watch THE LAZARUS EFFECT!!! I have to admit, I have NO IDEA who BONO or Hayden Christensen is....okay everyone now YOU'RE dribbling, close your mouths!! :o)

Shana said...

So much to say. Oh my. First of all, WHY ONLY 137 PICS OF BONO? Did your memory card fill up? I'd have taken 10 million. Just saying. I love Bono more than Diet Coke and Tivo combined. And you don't even want to know how I feel about Diet Coke and Tivo. Also, who is that guy behind Iman? Kind of looks like Gabriel Aubrey? Maybe? A little bit? And lastly, totally hot shoes, can't wait to see the dress!

Joan said...

thanks for giving us a sneak peek! i love your outfit and am so glad to know what kind of shoes bono wears. next time you see him could you tell him it would be really cool if he would agree to speak on senior day at vanderbilt's commencement next year? we just love him. oh, by the way, are you doing "bits of my weekend" again? I have a post i'd like to link of our nashville weekend ....

Annie said...

Oh how I love to live vicariously through you. Living in the northwest corner of BC, Canada...getting to experience New York City is quite a treat for me!! Thanks!

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