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Thursday, May 6, 2010

girl power....activate!

Rod and I had tickets to a big event this week. Which meant I had to figure out what to wear. Which meant I had to have a teenzy, tiny anxiety attack first.

We moved from Colorado, the land of blue jeans, flannel and hiking boots. I don't own a lot of swanky New York attire yet. Plus there's that whole issue of eating every carb in sight since we arrived last November. Not too good for the waistline.

My first instinct was to tweet Rachel Zoe. This was a true fashion emergency. Unfortunately, tweeting Rachel Zoe does not produce the same result as sending a flare up for Batman or something. Rachel Zoe doesn't own a bat mobile. But if she did, I'm sure it would be buh-hanans.

Since I didn't have Rachel, I grabbed the next best thing. My 7 year old daughter, Lily. She is an expert Project Runway watcher. She was thrilled and jumped right into the task at hand. We both crowded into my closet (if you live in a NY apartment, you know this is quite a feat) and started going through all the possibilities.

Me: "Lily, I just don't know what to do. I don't think I have anything that will work."

Lily: "Don't worry, Mom. We'll find you something. WE HAVE GIRL POWER!"

Bless her heart.

I pulled out a couple things and threw them on the bed. I started trying on the first one and Lily ran out of the room, but was back almost immediately. I turned around and said, "Well, what do you think?" People, she did not answer me.

Instead she held up a number.

The number 1.

She rated my dress a 1.

Apparently, she had run out of the room earlier to whip up a set up score cards, numbering 1 to 5. She thought a scoring system might help us narrow down the choices. And provide more opportunity to mock her mother.

After several dresses, we did agree on the final choice, a white Tibi dress that I bought last year at an outlet. And though my self esteem was damaged a bit by my original low scores, I went to the event knowing Lily thought the dress I ended up wearing was a strong 5.

So, if you are unable to get Rachel Zoe in your next fashion emergency, feel free to contact my daughter.

Lily, stylist to the Upper East Side carb-aholics. Coming soon to Bravo TV.

PS. Don't worry Mom. She's not really starring in her own Bravo reality show. I just made that part up.


ItchyBits said...

She has really good penmanship for such a little girl!

Lisa H said...

Aw, come on...I think you need to post a picture so WE can rate it too! :) Just kidding. I'm sure you looked amazing!

Heidi Jo said...

you seriously think we aren't going to request a picture?

come on :o)

isn't it great to have daughters! they do wonders ON our self-esteem. mine chime in out of the blue with things like: "mom, your hair looks ridiculous straight." which i am pretty sure their dad offers double allowance for such comments, as he's the main negator about straightening my hair :o)

snekcip said...

Arent't girls fun!!!! I have two grown daughters and remember those days!!!

Spsmiles said...

I agree, picture, picture! plus...where are the 134 you took of Bono?! We're living vicariously through you, remember??? :)

Adrienne said...

I am sure you looked fabulous and that Bono even said to Ali, "That white dress is cool...did you design that?!" I have a little fashionista of my own who is always drawing designs and taping them to the wall in front of my sewing machine, saying, "Mom, can you make this one? How about this one?" Oh sure, sweetie, I'll just whip up that evening gown, no problem!

Teresa said...

PICTURES!!! Brylie is my biggest help in this dept as well. So fun to have daughters!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Lilly is a riot! Would definitely love to see a pic of your dress. :)

Gayla said...

Love that!!! :-)

And yes... pics of the dress would be great.


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Can you send Lily over to Canada just for a short visit? Lots of dress up functions ahead and I need some "girl power" assistance asap.
Much appreciated and send me her flight number. Is is alright if I take her shopping? That would be even more fun since I had a son not a daughter. Have the best Mothers Day. XO

Shana said...

Number cards? That is fabulous. And we need a picture of you. Preferably with Bono. And even more preferably taken like the picture of Tina Fey with Will.I.Am in Date Night. If you haven't seen Date Night, that'll make no sense.

Karenkool said...

I love that number rating system. HAHAH. Good thinking Lil.

Candace said...

oh. my. gosh. this is crazy!! okay so i followed you on twitter because i thought your going to NYC w/ 4 kids was so cool. then i started reading your blog thinking you looked so familiar...& then it clicked that i remember i used to read your blog a long time ago, but not this one...i forget the name but anyways so funny that i found you again!! anyways, love reading about your adventure & must say have thought it would be fun to do the same w/ my family, moving from suburbia to NYC but you, my lady, had way bigger kahoonah's than i do!!

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