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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

take that Jillian!

Nothing stresses me out more than moving. I'd rather go get my teeth scraped, picked and cleaned. As long as the dentist uses the laughing gas. I like that. Recently I've read about sedation dentistry, which sounds kinda nifty, too. I could use a good nap.

Anyway, packing up a home is not fun. Anyone who says it is is lying. The things involved with a move keep my anxiety levels at an all time high. Add the fact that we're downsizing from a 6 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom apartment, and I should be making an appointment with a shrink. I'm edgy at times and can burst into tears at a moment's notice. I'm a blast to live with right now.

Figuring out all the details to move to NYC hijacks my mind 24 hours a day. I've even dreamed about it- in between my dreams of super country star, Keith Urban. In my dream I'm at his concert and he picks me up on the stage and twirls me around. The he tells me I can touch his hair. I whisper in his ear, "I'm a southern girl." I know. Scandalous.

But I have found a way to curb my stress. I eat. And eat. And eat. Sometimes I even eat while watching the TV show, "The Biggest Loser". I feel like I'm taunting Jillian when I do that. This small act gives me some twisted sense of control back in my life. I'm proving I'm not afraid of her. But the eating- oh the eating is getting out of hand. Last week I sent out a twitter that said, "I've fallen into a pan of cinnamon rolls and can't get out."

But can you blame me? Look at these.

If you'd like the recipe, so you can fall into your own pan, you can find it here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

blood or crips?

One of my main concerns about moving to NYC was the schools. I just didn't know what they were like. We have 3 in school this year and I knew private schools would be out of the question. Tuition in Manhattan runs at least $30K per year. Per child. I'm going to say that again in case it didn't sink in. THIRTY.... THOUSAND....DOLLARS per child, per year. My husband works for a non-profit (key word non) so that's not happening for us. Besides, even if I had an extra $30K per kid laying around, I really don't know if I could justify paying that much each year for school. I mean $30K times 3 kids can buy A LOT of Bobbie Brown lipstick. And Starbucks. I'm just sayin'.

So when we decided to move to NYC, I did what every good mom would do. I googled the heck out of the phrase "NYC schools." I found extensive lists of schools, articles, etc....But was pleasantly surprised that NYC has some of the best public schools in the country.

I know what some of you are thinking right now. I would never send my kids to NYC public schools because of THE GANGS. Well, after more research I found out that kids really don't have to declare a gang until their junior year, so we're good for a while.

In all seriousness, there are some really good public schools there. Some great specialty schools for the arts, sports, dance, etc... We're narrowing down our choices, but for now I think I'll stay away from this one:

High School Of Arts, Imagination And Inquiry
122 Amsterdam Avenue Manhattan, NY 10023

WHAT'S SPECIAL: Teaching artists from the Lincoln Center Institute.

DOWNSIDE: School is housed in a windowless basement.

Monday, September 28, 2009

let us pause for a moment of silence

Dear extra capacity washer & dryer,

I took you for granted for so many years.
You, who were always ready to wash 20 towels at a time.
You, who could wash a comforter after the dog threw up.
You, who were available to me 24 hours a day.
You, with your sexy quick cycle allowing me to wash a load in 20 minutes.
Your gentle hum was music to my ears.

I feel I should be the one to tell you that you will soon be replaced by a small stackable. Or gasp a laundromat. Please don't take it personally. I would take you on this journey with me if I could, but NYC has something against a thing called space in their apartments.

I will never forget you.

Michelle and her family of six

P.S. I'm sorry I blamed you for all those lost socks. I'm sure it was totally my fault. XOXO

Sunday, September 27, 2009

what about the children?

When we tell people we are moving to NYC, we often get the same question. "How do your kids feel?" The question usually comes after a moment of silence and a blank stare. And if the NYC statement is made to some of my sweet, southern family members, they also tend to clutch their chest. After that they just fall on their knees to pray for our souls.

It is a fair question though. How do the kids feel? We have 4 children and Rod and I were really concerned about telling them we were moving. We expected some tears, some possible screams, and a few slammed doors.

But it didn't go down like that at all.

Rod and me: "Kids, we're moving to NYC because Dad got a new job."

Ben (age 17): "Cool! When can we go?"

Bo (age 14): "Saawheett!"

Jackson (age 10): long, long silence and a few sniffs...then he looked up with puppy dog eyes and said, "I would feel much better about this move if I could have my own cell phone."

Lily (age 6): "Can I take my unicorn?"

changing our view

A few months ago we were innocently enjoying our simple suburban life. You know, summer grilling, late night walks in the balmy air, sleeping in....when BAM life hit us on the side of the head. It came out of nowhere. But I've seen it before. It seems every time my husband gets a new job opportunity it comes out of nowhere. I should know to start preparing by now, shouldn't I? I should continually hold on to something....

Soon my family will trade this view:

For this view:

We are moving to New York City in the fall. We, a family of six.

Let me tell you I have had a whirl-wind of emotions about this move. Don't get me wrong. I feel a great peace inside about moving, but it is going to be quite a change. The transition is going to be a stretching experience for me. And because I am a control-freak, I know it is going to provide for some interesting moments. Don't worry, for your entertainment I will share those moments with you here.

I have to run now. I need to go figure out how to cram a 6 bedroom Colorado home into a 3 bedroom NYC apartment.
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