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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's all a blur

It really is. It's all a fuzzy dream. The last month has been full of packing, unpacking, joy, tears, and a glass of wine here and there to calm me down. I've been absent because my computer has been packed up and too much was going on. I thought I'd try to catch you up a bit today.

A few weeks ago, our moving truck arrived in Colorado, but not before the blizzard hit. It was like Colorado was trying to trap us there. We woke up the morning of the move and opened our front door to this:

Lovely. It took all day to pack the truck. Fortunately, my in-laws brought down their RV to whisk us away, once the last box was loaded. Here's their RV:

Do you see that behind the RV? It's a trailer. Family members bought some of my extra furniture that I couldn't transport to New York. But wait, do you see what's on the RV? Here's a closer look:

That's a stylish trailer, isn't it? Some people will use their kids to sell anything, right? I'm sure their kids are hoping the trailer rental business makes enough college money fast, so they can get their giant faces off that trailer.

I'm going to skim over the next part of the journey, because no one in my family likes to remember it. Just imagine you're in one of those Chevy Chase family vacation movies and that's what our drive was like. What should have taken us 11 hours, took 24 hours plus an overnight stay in a hotel. Out of respect for my children's psyche's I will not expound.

But we've made it to Manhattan. Still unpacking and settling in. Thanks for all your sweet emails wondering if I'm ok. We are doing great and I'll definitely share more soon!
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