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you have questions. i have answers.

Who are you?

I am a mother of four, wife of one, and lover of cupcakes. In the fall of 2009 we moved our family of 6 from suburbia to Manhattan. This blog documents our journey.

Are you crazy? Why did you move?

Some days I do think I'm crazy, but most days I am pretty level-headed. Oh. You mean, am I crazy for moving to NYC? I don't think so. I actually love it here. My husband was offered a job here in the city at charity:water. It's an amazing company that provides clean drinking water to those around the world who do not have it.

You say you have four kids. How come we usually only see your daughter in blog posts?

Because my boys are older. And bigger than me. And do not like the camera. Or stories about them floating around the internet. Occassionally, I am able to sneak one in. But, don't tell them. My daughter, on the other hand, is a camera hog.

How long have you been married?

20 years. To the same person.

How old are your kids?

Ben is 18. Bo is 14. Jackson is 11. Lily is 7. I'm originally from the south, as evidenced by the names I picked for my kids.

Are you going to have any more kids? We are full. And quite satisfied with the ones we have.

Don't you think it's cruel to make your 3 boys share a room?

If by cruel, you mean provide them with a place to lay their heads at night in one of the greatest cities in the world, No.

I think you should be reported to Family Services.


Does your oldest plan to stay in NYC for college or head back to where you moved from?

Why? Are you offering a scholarship if we choose one over the other?

How big is your apartment? How many floors up do you live? And what is your address?

Our apartment is a 2 bedroom. We converted the dining room into a 3rd bedroom.(Which is something very common in the city.) It is about 1200 square feet. We are on the 31st floor. And I'm not crazy enough to give out my address. But you can see pictures of our apartment here, here, here and here.

I've heard horrible things about NYC schools. Are you happy with them?

Hold on. I need to stop rocking back and forth and pull myself out of the fetal position. The schools are probably the hardest part about being here. I'm really happy with the public elementary school we are zoned for. It's fantastic. But, middle school and high school are another story. One I should write about soon. However, after many months, we have found a high school we are satisfied with.

You must be rich if you live in NYC. Are you?

Sorry. I can't stop laughing. No, we are not rich - especially by NYC standards. My husband works for a non-profit. The key word there is "non." But, to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way right now. I love where he works and what he does and who he is. We are working hard not to get sucked into some of the typical NYC thought-patterns.

You should really get a job.

How do you know I don't have one?

What type of camera do you use?

I have a Nikon D50. Most of the time I use my Nikkor 18-200mm lens with it. I am able to get paparazzi-distance type pictures with it.

How do you do grocery shopping for a family of 6 in NYC?

Everybody delivers everything in the city. It's awesome! Any grocery store you go to will ask if you want your items delivered to your apartment. Usually it's a small fee, but sometimes it's free. I prefer to order all my groceries on line - it keeps me on my budget and lets me grocery shop in my pajamas.

If I come to New York, will you hang out with me?

That depends. Will you bring me a present?

Email me your questions or comment with them here and I will do my best to answer them.


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Fab knowing more about you, shocked at a few of the questions (not your answers lol) cheeky bloggers! Claire x

Anonymous said...

I was shocked at the bluntness of this blogger: You should really get a job.

Well, linking to the job question, I'd like to ask, How's the jewelry designing business in NYC? Much inspiration? How do you work?

Thanks! Best wishes to your beautiful family - yes, totally agree, Ben is rather handsome ;) x

Anonymous said...

Whoever said they were going to report you to family services is being ridiculous. Your kids are obviously warm, dry, well-fed and happy. More than most parents on the plant can boast.

Anonymous said...

I meant planet. oops.

Michelle said...

I've paused the jewelry design business (mainly because I don't have a big studio anymore) to work on some other things right now. Hopefully, I'll be sharing more about those things soon:-)

And thank you to the second Anonymous comment for your support, too. My children are definitely well fed. Especially Lily. She won't stop eating.

Emily said...

I didn't realize I'd commented Anonymously! Oops. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear more about the school experience. That said by an inner city high school teacher who is about to leave teaching and head to another career.

Jessica said...

Just found your blog! We just moved to NYC in 08/09 from suburbia as well. We have two children though, ages 3 and 1 1/2. Living on the East River in Manhattan.

Looking forward to learning more about you all! So fun to find you!

The Parent Trapped said...

Ever since stepping out of Grand Central Station, onto the side walk, at night, with the Gotham lights swirling overhead and someone playing New York, New York in the background, I have been smitten. My husband flies for Continental and EWR is just across the way. Now, how to convince HIM to love NYC? Just for a year? Six months? Aww...come on!!!

Thanks for sharing your(could be my) story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Sigh...that's all I can do when I read your blog. I definitely have New York envy...suh a terrible affliction. I honestly think you are an incredible writer, incredibly creative (re b'day party), incredibly positive...sigh.

Anyway, thanks for sharing these wonderful windows into a 'real' family's life in New York. It's just incredible! This Australian just loves it! (I know, I use a lot of exclamation marks)

Hopefully, one day, I get to experience your great city. Have a good weekend.

Beth said...

I just found your blog through BlogHer, and can I say you've inspired me already?! My husband and I live in Baltimore, in rowhouse that is just under 1,000 square feet. We're thinking about starting a family, and the knee jerk reaction is to sell and move to suburbia. Thanks for reminding me that you can have a life with kids in a small space, and that there are joys of city living with little ones!

PS-I've got some serious NYC envy!

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