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Monday, April 5, 2010

bits of my weekend- volume 6

Spring Break kept me from posting this last week. But I'm so glad to be back to share another Bits of My Weekend with you. If you're not part of this little community, I'd love for you to join. It's great to see how others around the globe spend their weekend!

We had 2 big events this weekend which is why I'm posting a lot more pictures than normal. Saturday was Lily's 7th birthday and of course Easter was Sunday. Lily was just thrilled that the resurrection of our Lord and Savior was "moved" to be closer to her birthday.

We started her big day off with a carriage ride around Central Park. We could only persuade Jackson and Rod to join us. Ben and Bo said they had other things to do. Carriage rides don't really seem to appeal to teenage boys.

Central Park was looking beautiful that day:

This is Lily receiving one of her many birthday phone calls from the grandparents. She finally cut them off by saying, "Uh...I need to go. I'm kinda on a carriage ride. I'd like to enjoy that now, please. Thank you. "

Jackson feeding the horse, while our driver counts his money in the background.

Jumping for joy in Central Park.

Next stop was The Plaza Hotel, which is just amazing. Even the flowers in the lobby are over the top:

The reason we went to The Plaza was so we could visit The Eloise store. It is just adorable. Especially if you like the color pink.

This lovely picture of my backside is me picking up fragile merchandise that Lily dropped. Within the first 5 seconds of walking in the store.

Tea Party room at The Eloise Store:

Next stop was lunch for the birthday girl at an outdoor cafe. Girl loves her sushi.

Let's just say this sculpture at Colombus Circle caused a bit of curiousity. Can you see Lily running around it...then screeching to a halt. She had quite a few things to say about this.

Happy Birthday baby girl.

After church on Sunday we took a stroll through Bryant Park to enjoy the sunshine.

We wandered over to 5th Avenue where we heard The Easter Bonnet Parade was going on. I'm going to include one picture here, but I will be doing a whole post on this event later. Because it was a bit out of the ordinary.

Cab ride home with my handsome husband after a long day. I'm a lucky girl.

What about you? Share your weekend pics in the linky below.


Elizabeth said...

wonderful photos -- and a nice anchoring for me as I am still recovering from the rather large earthquake we experienced this afternoon in Los Angeles --

Ashley Mutschler said...

Beautiful photos! You make living in New York seem so lovely. Happy Easter to the Six in the City.

Janette said...

Hello! I'm a friend of Kelly's, Jordan and my daughter Julia are orphanage sisters. I love reading your blog, and have been inspired to take more pictures of our weekend. What kind of camera do you use? Mine takes really drab pictures, and I have such a cute subject to photograph - I'm not doing her justice! :) Thanks for letting me sneak a peek inside your life! ~ Janette

Lisa H said...

Looks like a great weekend. Happy birthday to sweet Lily! :) What a fun birthday you put together for her....way to go, Michelle!

Paty said...

So beautiful pictures!!! Which camera do you have? Happy Birthday to Lily! Her bedroom is adorable!!!!!

Brittney said...

What a fun birthday! Love the statue one. Hilarious!

Just Mom said...

I LOVE the Eloise movies and actually have both on DVD. My son doesn't like watching them, so I just watch them when he's gone. :-D

Just Mom said...


Cat said...

Did the statues at Columbus Circle (Adam & Eve) make you home sick? They're done by the same artist as the ones at the DCPA, Fernando Botero.

Heidi Jo said...

happy birthday sweet lily. what a fun and fabulous way to turn seven. happy easter!

sherilee said...

Looks like a lovely weekend--love the conversation with grandparents during the carriage ride!

And it always looks like you have sunshine these days. Send some over this way!

Have a good week.

Joan said...

i love your fabulous photos! looks like a fabulous weekend. lily is a doll!

mickinak said...

Happy Birthday Lily - my birthday is this week too!!!

have a great week!

Deb said...

Just posted my first volume of "Bits of My Weekend".

Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

The carriage ride would be right up my alley!!! So fun!

What a wonderful way to celebrate your girl!

Sohailah said...

what a wonderful birthday! And HE is a lucky man.

Paty said...

Happy Birthday! She is soooo cute!

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