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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I realize there is a lot of going on in this country

Talk of global warming. Or no global warming. I forget what the headlines are this week. Talk of another possible terrorist attack within the next few months. Not sure what I'm supposed to do with that information, are you?

But I need to talk to you about something really important today.


People, please. Do something about your eyebrows. I beg you.

Perhaps you were a child of the 80s like me and every high school photo looks like you have a major unibrow. Seriously, did WalMart not sell tweezers in the 80's? I think we all wanted our eyebrows to look like this:

So we thought our eyebrows had to be bushy and au natural. I can also remember saving all my birthday money just so I could go get a pair of those Calvin Klein Jeans, too. But I had to wear something between me and my Calvin's because I went to a Christian school.

Since moving to New York, I have heard much talk of the famous Sania of Sania's Brow Bar. She has been featured in Vogue, Cosmo, and the ultimate of all magazines...Oprah. She is supposed to be a genius with eyebrows. So I made an appointment and yesterday I had the honor of sitting in Sonia's chair of magic.

She doesn't use wax. She only uses tweezers, so she can be more precise. And she's FAST. In and out before the song on the radio was over. I thought I'd share the before and after pictures with you.


As you can see, I'm a tad uneven and I don't think my arch is in the right place.


Magical? Right? I decided to point to my eyebrows so you would notice them just in case you forgot what this post was supposed to be about.

Seriously, if you come to NY for a visit, you should book yourself a little appointment with Sonia.

Because you might not be able to stop global warming, but you can do something about your brows.


Anonymous said...

I have almost none, never did. My girls have beautiful brows. When they were old enough to start tweezing them I flipped out. How could they?! I was so jealous of their big eyes and huge brows. Soooo, I learned. They wax and create a better and MORE beautiful look. I get to color with a pencil every day like a kid, ugh.

Just notice a woman the other day who never touches her brows. Ewwwww, and I love her so! It's just not a pretty thing.

Heidi Jo said...

while i wholeheartedly agree on the eyebrow cracks me up, because it is such a woman thing. trust me, there isn't a guy in america that noticed brooke's eyebrows in that CK ad.

did you see the seinfeld episode where they are trying to set george up, and he's asking a million questions about her looks, and jerry tells him, "she's got great eyebrows, women kill for her eyebrows" and george says, "who cares about eyebrows?"

i know it's pathetic that i know that stuff---but it is so true. my husband could care less about the eyebrows:0)

nickernoodle said...

You are too funny! I am now going to book an appt to get mine waxed. Feeling a little bit like Bert and Ernie after this post! ;o)

Sohailah said...

So... can she even help MINE? Mine are tragic - uneven - not even sure there IS an arch. I used to have the crazy thick ones, and now it seems I plucked them so much that they won't grow back to BE shaped correctly.

So, I just pluck the gray ones... don't even go there, and wait for them to grow in to be shaped. It's been about 5 years. I'll be in NYC Feb 18-19th - I wonder if she has an open spot...

Elizabeth said...

Wow! That's amazing. But I have to admit that I can go from the Freda Kahlo look to a mini-face-lift with just a bit of plucking!

Gayla said...

YES. Eyebrows are so important! I think you should do a post about how everyone should use eyebrow pencils as well. I'm serious. Blonde, brunette, whatever, eyebrow pencils are second only to the tweezing. It makes such a difference! Completes the face!!!! Okay. Now you don't have to write that post because I think I just wrote it for you. ;-)

Shana said...

Okay, this may be worth the cross country trip. Because I am completely incapable of doing my eyebrows and have found no one who does them well.

Julie said...

This really is amazing. You look great! My son lives in NYC. I know where my daughter-in-law and I are going on my next visit. Thanks for posting this really important stuff. I'm very much enjoying your blog after linking from Apartment Therapy. I hope you keep it up.

Karenkool said...

Did you HAVE to bring up eyebrows??? I need mine tinted and then tweezed... cuz they can't be seen for nothin'. eyebrowless!

Andrea said...

Hi! I am going to NY in May for the Oprah convention with some friends!!! I'm sooo exited! Crossing something out of my BUCKET LIST! You should come with us!
Can you give me Sonia's info so I can make an appointment?
Let me know if you decide to join us!

Michelle said...

HI Andrea- You'll have a great time in NYC!
Click on the link I have in this post for Sania's information. She's worth the price!

Dayna said...

This is wild. Brooke Shields is totally the reason that I have always, always kept thick eyebrows. I just mentioned this to someone a few days ago. (sigh) I suppose it's time...

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