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Thursday, February 18, 2010

fashion week's newest designer

It's fashion week in NYC. And there is a budding designer on the scene.
She likes to take other people's designs and remake them into something "much more beautiful." Her words exactly.
All she needs is a handy pair of kitchen shears.

I was privy enough to attend the preview of her most recent collection. I even sat on the FRONT ROW.

I thought I would share it with you.

Beautiful, right? There was an amazing response from the crowd as the dress went down the runway. Remarks like, "How chic." "How fresh." were whispered amongst the front row.

Then...the model turned around.

And the front row fell out of their chairs because they were laughing so hard.


Anonymous said...


nickernoodle said...

Oh my goodness!!! I started cracking up at that (no pun intended)!!!

Dana said...

Oh, this is another one of my favorite posts of yours!! I am still laughing!!

Teresa said...

That's an outfit for those really hot summer days! :)

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that is HYSTERICAL!

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