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Thursday, January 7, 2010

walk this way...

I have accomplished something remarkable. Something extraordinary.
Something I thought might not be able to be done.
I have taught my six year old how to walk in a straight line on a NYC sidewalk.

If you know my daughter, you are in awe of me right now.
Thank you. I accept your awe.

We have lived in the city for almost 2 months now. I have spent most of those two months chasing Lily down the sidewalks of Manhattan. As soon as she steps outside our apartment building she goes into sensory overload. And I mean major overload. She goes crazy. She flips around like a fish who has just been tossed out of his fishbowl. It's not cute. And to be honest, it's quite dangerous.

I have pulled her out of the way of screeching taxis, apologized to more innocent bystanders than I care to admit, and almost had a stroke a time or two. And don't even get me started about my anxiety levels when I'm on the subway platforms with her. It scares the bejeesus out of me. While my sister was visiting, she told me Lily should really be on a leash when we go outside.

But, no longer.
Last week Lily had a breakthrough.
Lily learned how to walk like a city girl.
That's even what we call it. She thinks it's a game.

I have to tell you though. It's quite funny. I can tell she is totally suppressing every ounce of energy in that tiny body. She's almost tense while she walks. It takes a conscious effort on her part, but she does it. And I couldn't be prouder. Plus, I no longer crave a Xanax every time we walk outside.

I thought I'd video it for you so you could see for yourself. Enjoy.




Anonymous said...

Love it! Best part, I got to hear your voice for the very first time :D

(Hope for the future: I had a child just like her. By the time she hit 12 she became quiet, introverted, and very private. I kid you not!!!! For 12 years I longed for the Xanax, thought I was headed for the mental wing, and watched my head spin totally around. There is hope :D Although, spirit is a good thing, too...

Jennie Mosely said...

So glad I will sleep a little easier tonight. I guess I have to return the leash I just bought her! :-)

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

They always listen to their moms in the would have to teach this adult as I could never concentrate either if walking in NY. What a cutie!

Lisa H said...

I think I'd be on sensory overload walking those streets too...can't blame the girl! :)

Those were really cute videos, by the way!

Sohailah said...

Oh my goodness - she is SERIOUSLY full of energy - delightful!

But, seriously... it does my heart good to know that she can walk straight - for YOUR sake... I was getting tense through my shoulders thinking about the taxis and subway platforms... don't even get me started. It started reminding me of leading (HAH!) groups of 8th graders through those same streets...

YOU, dear Lady, are ACCOMPLISHED!

Spsmiles said...

Awww, but mom, the right way is no fun ;) Ha ha ha!

That is awesome! I bet she is so much FUN! :)

nickernoodle said...

She is so cute on how full of life she is. I have a feeling I will act the same way the first time I come to visit. Guess I better bring a leash along with me!!!!! ;o)

Joan said...

great job lily!

Anonymous said...

When we take our inner city students to downtown San Francisco, I hold my breath. I do a series of lessons ahead of time about the perils of the big city, and I always stress not to gawk at the tall buildings, but it's hard for a kids who haven't see such scenes. My main concern is with their desire to help all the panhandlers. These are kids who have so little and they know what it's like so they try to help everyone they see.

Just Mom said...

WOW! I am in awe! Will you teach my son, too?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

THIS is progress. Although I love her exuberance and twirling dervish style...but see how it might be "unsettling" as mom in NYC.

Great blog! Found you...not sure surfing.

Happy city girl walking....but break it out, just once in awhile, eh?

3 Peanuts said...

Oh she is just adorable. Happy Gotcha Day too:) I can tell that she is working really hard n the second video:)

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