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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

guggenheim museum

My son Jackson (age 11) began his obsession with Frank Lloyd Wright several years ago. I wish I could claim it was because I am a wonderful mother and hung sketches of Frank's architecture over Jackson's bed when he was a baby. But I can't. This fascination came out of nowhere. He just stumbled upon it on the web one day. One of the better things he's stumbled upon, by the way.

He began talking about what an amazing architect F.L. Wright was. And would we please, please, please take him to see one of the houses he built? Rod made that dream come true about a year ago and took him to see Fallingwater. Some of you just said, "Falling who?" You are not alone. I said the same thing. Here's a picture:

Isn't it gorgeous? Jackson promised me that if he becomes an architect one day, he'll build me one of these. So I've stopped entering the HGTV dream home. I'm waiting for a Fallingwater instead.

Jackson took in every square inch of Fallingwater. He was in awe. But then he quickly announced his next dream. To see the Guggenheim Museum. This is because Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim.

Since we now live in New York, this was an easy dream to make come true. It's only a few blocks from our apartment.

Jackson and I spent a special day at the museum. I really don't know what is more fascinating- the works of art housed inside or Frank Lloyd Wright's ingenious architecture.

Simply amazing. Where do want to go next Jackson?


Heidi Jo said...

that is gorgeous. what a great thing to be inspired by.

Elizabeth said...

When he gets older he can read Loving Frank, the novel about Frank and his illicit love affair with a suffragettee (the woman he built Taliesin for). Or maybe boys don't like to read that stuff -- in that case, YOU should read it. It's a fascinating book with just enough racy stuff!

Ally said...

As I said in the comment I posted previously, after your visit to the Museum of Natural History, it must be so exciting for you and your family to have so many opportunities at your doorstep. It is still bitterly cold here in the South, and a trip to Target or to a mall is becoming likely. I envy all of the options available to you in New York City!

Sohailah said...

Man - you are LIVING it, Lady!!

Nicole said...

How serendipitous! I am a young architect that started reading your blog after the apartment therapy post. First - love the blog. I moved from Kansas to downtown Chicago 3.5 years ago - I can totally relate!

I decided I was going to be an architect right about the same age. Although I think it was 12 for me - after I decided I would never be tall enough or practice enough to join the NYC Ballet... But man, oh man, what a lucky boy you have, as cities are THE place to be for architects. FLW is a great one to learn about, but you are at the doorstep of so many talented architects (and architecture schools)! Check with the AIA NYC (American Institute of Architects) and Columbia's school of architecture for some events and architects you could introduce him to.

Maybe if my midwestern family had moved to NYC when I was a kid, that ballet career could have taken off...

Anonymous said...

Is Jackson into LEGOs? They makes a set of Falling Water AND the Guggenheim! Just search the LEGO website for FLW's name :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, love Frank Lloyd Wright. One of his houses sits out on a hill outside of a small town in the San Joaquin Valley, Los Banos, and it was recently put on the market for sale. The original owners can no longer take care of the house. It was really something to see how Wright had designed the house to sit out on those desolate hills. Of course, my favorite architect is Julia Morgan and I can see so much of her work in Berkeley.

sherilee said...

I have always wanted to go to Fallingwater. Lucky kid! And I just bought Loving Frank... haven't cracked it yet, but looking forward to the read. A

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