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Saturday, January 2, 2010

museum of natural history

My sister and I decided it would be a great day to take Jackson and Lily to the Museum of Natural History. Apparently thousands of other people had the exact same idea. Go figure. The line wrapped around the museum and the temperature was freezing. As in so freezing I thought I might be standing outside without pants on. Seriously, I had that thought for a second. Did I forget to put pants on this morning? Because my legs would not be this cold if I had pants on. I feel naked cold. Luckily after a brief check I confirmed that I was indeed wearing pants. But alas, this knowledge did not make me any warmer.

Anyway, while we waited in line my sister dreamed of her island home she left to spend Christmas in New York with us.

I'm sure there are some deeper thoughts going on in there, but if I was her, that is what I would have been thinking about at that moment.

You know who doesn't care about being cold and waiting in line?

Lily. That's because there are PEOPLE ALL AROUND. And Oh the people! So much activity! She has to take it all in and drain every last bit of energy from it. Pray for me, people.

Once we finally got inside, we began to defrost. Which if you don't know, means your nose starts dripping like crazy. But we enjoyed the exhibits all the same.

The dinosaur, who according to Lily is "missing his skin" is quite impressive.

The dioramas are amazing and Lily asked me to take a picture of her in front of almost every single one.

And then I overheard her yell, "O my gosh! The animals are DEAD!" After that she requested pictures be taken of the dioramas without her.

And next time she will be bringing her own camera because I really don't want 100 pictures of dead animals taking up my Iphoto space.

The permanent exhibit goes on forever and it is so intriguing. For all ages. Some things you will have to explain to children though. For instance, this woman is not blowing a bubble.

She has a bone lodged in her lip for decoration. And no, you can't do that to yourself.

And, yes, this is a woman from China getting married.

But no, you won't be able to get that same chariot at your wedding one day.

And finally, it appears husbands in Africa lavish gifts upon their wives even after they are married.

But most western-world men have trouble remembering special dates and doing that whole gift thing once you get married. Except for your father. He is one of the smart ones.


Elizabeth said...

You are very funny -- and I am happy to have "discovered" your blog!

Just Mom said...

I'm really enjoying these tours. Thanks, Michelle! :-D

Laura said...

My daughter and son-in-law are moving to NYC this summer, so I LOVE watching your discoveries and experiences. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Lily cracks me up! I was reminded of the curious minds of little ones this past weeks while spending time with a two and a half year old who constantly asked, "Why?"

"Why not?" *sigh*

Ally said...

Hi Michelle,

I am from the South but have been fortunate enough to have visited New York City many times; it is my favorite place in the country. I realize that living in the city has its challenges but also has its rewards. Your comment about Lily not minding waiting in line in the cold because there were so many people and so much activity says it all. What an opportunity it is for your children to live in such a diverse and energetic environment. Please continue blogging; I am living vicariously through your adventure! By the way, here in the South, we are experiencing the coldest weather we have seen in over a decade. At least in New York City, there are so many easily accessible cultural havens such as the Museum of Natural History where one can retreat when he or she becomes tired of staying indoors. Here in the South, the choices are generally Target or a suburban mall.

Sohailah said...

love it! Where does your sister live? Was it a real wedding? Or a dead one?

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