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Friday, January 1, 2010

j lo's ode to dr seuss

Rather than fighting the crowds in Times Square, our family opted for a comfortable evening at home watching the festivities on TV. I was happy with that decision until I saw this:

In high definition.

While I admire her courage, my first thought was she looked like a Dr Seuss character. A discussion on this matter with my 14 year, Bo, brought forth the following prose. Enjoy.

Could you wear it in the cold?
Would you wear it when you're old?
I could not. Should not. Would not be that bold.

Would you wear it on TV?
Where everyone could see?
O Jenny from the Block, how could you do that to me?


sherilee said...

Hilarious. Love the take off on Seuss. I saw her outfit in the news--didn't make it to midnight out here on the West Coast--and was duly frightened. She is a bold one, that JLo.

Just Mom said...



Love the poem.

Karenkool said...

Wow! I need to get one of those suits for Disco night at the school!!!

Spsmiles said...

HAHAHA! Why, why, WHY did someone allow her to go out in that?!? Doesn't she pay people to dress her?!

Anonymous said...

love love love your humor!!! wait till the twins
see Mother in later years.

Jean said...

I AGREE! I was watching the ball drop on the West Coast on a very very large screen and I was HORRIFIED! That takes more than guts, it takes a bit of denial and a dash of delusuion!

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