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Monday, December 21, 2009

clean water. and good hair.

Last week Rod and I went to the annual Charity Ball event here in New York. I've never been invited to a formal black-tie event before. Unless you count my senior prom. And that involved a date who wouldn't kiss me, a few dozen yards of hot pink taffeta and an enormous amount of hairspray to make sure my permed bangs stood at attention all night. Viva la 80's!

I had been anticipating this event for months because I believe in what Charity:Water does. They are an amazing organization that provides a basic human right to those in need - clean drinking water.

OK. And I was also looking forward to this event because I was going to see some famous people. I like to balance out my support of goodwill with a healthy dose of celebrity gawking.

Here's a picture of Rod and I all dolled up before we left our apartment for the event.

Can you say Bond. James Bond?
And in case you're wondering, I worked on that pose for a long time.

The host of the event was Adrian Grenier. He's been a big supporter of charity:water for a long time. Plus he has great hair.

I got to meet Adrian (yes- we're on first name basis), but was too embarrased to ask for a picture with him. So my husband took this with his iphone instead:

The event was amazing. It was attended by about 1200 people and over one million dollars was raised to provide clean water to those in need. And I'll balance that statement out with this: Later on in the evening, Adrian was standing right in front of me, wearing his velvet suit and then... HE RAN HIS FINGERS THROUGH HIS HAIR.

Of course I immediately texted my sister, Jennie.

Unfortunately, I can not repeat her reply text because my mother sometimes reads this blog.


Teresa said...

Fancy Schmancy! What fun!

LOVE your beautiful attire. You two look H*O*T!

Kellee said...

Hilarious!! So glad you had a good time. You guys look awesome. How is it that you haven't aged since I was a kid? ;-)

Heidi Jo said...

that sounds like so much fun. you guys look fabulous and your pose is perfect.

Tarina said...

You guys look great and what a wonderful cause. Irene Khan, Secretary of Amenesty International has stated that poverty is a human rights violation and I was so glad to read that you feel the same. Water is absolutely a human right.
PS - You look fabulous! Say hi to Adrian for me LOL!

Joan said...

what fun! i just discovered your blog and love it! sometime will you talk about what was the motivating factor to move to NYC? was it the job opportunity alone or had you always wanted to live there?

Sohailah said...

you look GREAT! absolutely great!

Kate said...

I found you via Apartment Therapy, read all your entries, and only just figured out that I live around the corner from your new digs. Do you need any suggestions for restaurants or things to do in the area? I've lived in the East 80's for two years now and have scouted out a few pretty cool places. Most importantly, you're just blocks from a divine crepe place called the Yorkville Creperie - the savory crepes are good, but the dessert crepes are by far the way to go for a lazy Sunday brunch.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds wonderful. You and your husband looked absolutely smashing (actually better than AG). I am so happy to have found your blog --

shannon said...

I love that you were too embarrassed to take a pic with Adrian, I would have been too! And I really want to know what Jenny texted you. :-)

Alicia said...

You crack me up! Cute Anthro bracelet by the way!

Peggy said...

Hello! I discovered your blog via Apartment Therapy and am really enjoying reading it! You are sooo funny. What a great adventure for you and your kids. I am so envious!

You look lovely for your first black-tie. You are making me want a hair cut! And the pose is perfect. :)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday, and thanks for sharing your life with us!

Michelle said...

Hi Kate-
Glad to meet you, "neighbor." :-)
Thanks for the tip on the creperie. I really need to check that one out!
I don't have any food tips quite yet. We've been here about 6 weeks and haven't been eating out a lot with a family of 6. HaHa

3 Peanuts said...

You look gorgeous! Sounds like so much fun and what a GREAT cause.

My son's school did a long academic planner on water this year and they became very interested in helping people get wells and access to clean water. They even did a little fundraiser for it. I even did a little post about it here.

I must tell you that your blog has really touched me...we live in a big house and have A LOT of stuff. Stuff we don't need (or really even want). I find myself thinking about your family from time to time and all of the things you have probably realized that you really did not "need." ALthough I am sure it was REALLY hard to pare down (especially the pets)...I find myself wanting to do the same. My hubby and I talk about buying a smaller house once the market gets better just because we feel as though we have too much space and stuff.

I am impresses that thus far, you have not complained (on your blog anyway) at all.

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