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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

do we really need a tree to celebrate christmas?

That's how you think when you don't have room in your apartment for a Christmas tree.

Then you think, If we don't get a tree, my kids will one day tell a therapist..."and then there was the Christmas when mom said we had no room for a tree. It's like she was saying there was no love."

So last night, we bought a Christmas tree.

We walked down the block and picked up a tree from a guy selling them on the corner. Convenient. Yes. Eventful. Not quite as eventful as when we lived in Colorado and chopped down our own tree. But wow- it was convenient. I think the whole process took 10 minutes. Plus we got to experience the whole drag your tree into an apartment elevator.

Let me say though the trip was not without drama. Because we had Lily with us. And she wanted a different tree. But due to the fact that her parents have control issues know better, we decided to get one a little bit bigger. Lily was not happy. First she proclaimed she hated the tree. Then she kicked it. Unfortunately, she thinks Santa will bring her presents if she is naughty or nice.

But by the time we got home she was in love with the tree. And that's what it's all about.

Merry Christmas everyone!


ME! said...

I found your blog on Apartment Therapy and I've been intrigued by your move. How I admire your determination to make the big city your home. I am an elementary educator (home on Winter Break) so I have time to surf the net! I wish you would blog about the schools and education. How close are the schools your children attend? How do they compare to Colorado? How do the commute? I know you spoke of private vs. public and I wonder what you decided. I am so interested! Thanks for taking us all on this journey!!!

Sohailah said...

Oh my gosh! You are always so funny! Hilarious and great! Talk about living large in the City!

Just Mom said...

I've always wanted to do that drag-a-tree-in-to-a-small-apartment thing. Wait! I've done that before. It was ... um ... interesting.

Merry Christmas! said...

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

ANI said...

Hi - I also found your blog through Apartment Therapy, and while I completely salute the adjustments you had to make to fit your life into 1200 sf, I can't help but wonder - what solution have you found for your studio? I read a post with the beautiful images of your garage work space, and I can only assume that you are continuing your artistic pursuits, but from where? The dining area? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Firstly, I live in Australia. Secondly, I am in love with New York, though have never set foot in America. I love American homes/interiors and found your blog on Apartment Therapy. Thank you so much for the detail of your blog about your daily life...I'm in heaven. Merry Christmas!

NY wannabe

Jus said...

So excited to have found your blog. Our family of six did something very similar six months ago (well, not *that * similar) when we moved our family from the midwest to Western Kenya! We lived in a small rental while we sold our house, gave away all our things and brought only two checked bags a piece. There has been trauma and drama but we are here ;) LOVE reading - keep it up. - if you go back six months you will see the prep ;)

six in the city said...

Excuse me while I burst into tears at your question about my studio. Alas, there is no room for such luxury here in our new apartment and Lily and I are definitely suffering withdrawls!
I have condensed my supplies down to 2 small containers for the apartment and the rest is in a storage unit in the Bronx.

The dining chairs are from IKEA. I am just crazy about them:-)

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