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Thursday, October 1, 2009

i'm thinking "mother of the year" is now out of the question

You have to give up some things when you move from suburbia to NYC. Your friends, your large capacity washer & dryer, space to breathe. But nothing compares to giving up your dog.

When we decided to move I knew that Bella might not make the cut. I just could not picture us crammed into a tiny apartment with our little Bichon, Bella- especially if we were in a high rise and blocks away from a park. It just didn't seem practical, doable or even fair to Bella.

I began preparing the kids weeks ago that this would be happening. They seemed to take it in stride. Until the week where I announced I had finally found a good home for Bella. Tears flowed. Not just a few splashes that you dab with the corner of a Kleenex. The kind of tears where snot runs down the face and you need a whole roll of toilet paper to contain the drainage. It was tough. And because Rod is already working in NYC, I was the parent at home that took the blame. Thank you, honey.

"WHY do we have to get rid of Bella?"
(because mommy doesn't want to walk 5 blocks to a park in the rain at 6am to let her do her business.)

"I wish we could keep her!"
(I do too.)

"She was my FIRST dog!"
(Not really, but I understand you want to say that for dramatic effect.)

"I wish GOD wanted us to keep Bella."
(because we all know God trumps Mom.)

The day finally came and we parted with our beloved dog. I thought all was calm until I heard Lily singing this song the next morning. I had her reprise it after school so you could share my pain.

We love and miss you, Bella.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh Beeellllllaaa *sigh*

Nope, no award comin' your way, that's a given!

Heidi Jo said...

oooh, that would be difficult! but thoughtful of you to consider bella's feelings too, maybe there's a pet mommy award you'd qualify for.

as for lily's video---priceless. nice to see that the drama doesn't fall too far from the tree:0)

Karenkool said...

Oh she is dramatic, that Lily. So sorry about Belle. Whatever happened to your other dog? The one that you tried clipping it's nails (a little too short I might add)? Wasn't that your dog?

Michelle said...

Hi Karen- we still have Gunner, but will be giving him to a family member before we move to NYC. Bella was our little snuggler though- we were all really attached to her. sniff.sniff.

Momma Roar said...

Sorry to hear you have to leave Bella behind. We have a bichon named Riley - we're south of NY - outside of Philly, if you need to get a fix!


The video - priceless!

Leigh Ann

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