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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

window shop wednesday - volume 3

Ok, so this is not my normal Window Shop Wednesday Post. But I figure there is a loophole somewhere that will allow this picture. It's a window and it's a store. And there is my loophole. Thank you.

This is the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. A recent report stated that it is the city's 5th most photographed location. If that doesn't prove that Apple is taking over the world, I don't know what does. The store is huge. But what makes it so unique is the glass cube that is actually the entrance to the store. The cube sits on the street level. Once you enter, you take the stairs (or the elevator) down to the store level which is underground.

I asked Jackson to stand in front of the store for the picture. He is in danger of being swayed by his 18 year old brother Ben to go the PC route. We're not sure what we did wrong with Ben, but he prefers a PC over a MAC computer. It could be something to do with his diet. I don't know, but we are reading a lot of parenting books on the matter. We're determined to get to the bottom of it.

When I downloaded this picture, I noticed the handsome man on the right. Don't you think it looks like McDreamy? Sorry, its not.

But I will tell you that all the men visiting the Apple store look like this. My husband asked me to meet him at this store one afternoon. When I walked in, I looked around and saw about 100 men that all looked like Rod. Seriously. They were all handsome, dark haired men with day old scruff on their face. A sea of metro-sexual men.

So what did I do? I immediately texted all my single friends and said, "Forget the bars. You need to come down to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue."


fe said...

Hahahha great post... From now on I'll hang out at Apple Store to find a husband! :-)

Christina Lowery said...

Love it!

Katie said...

Rangers games are good for that, too. All these working professionals who come over after work...just walking around in their loosened ties...yummy....

I mean, I'm a married woman and all, but I've still got eyeballs.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I can't believe I've been wasting all my time in clubs! Next time I visit the city I've gotta check out that store!

Lisa H said...

Looks like a very cool store!

Joanne said...

So that's where all the handsome men hang out at. 5th Avenue Apple Store ... i'll have to check it out!

Elizabeth said...

there are a lot of dads like that at our charter school in Los Angeles -- it's sort of a joke, really -- when I sit in the carpool line and watch them saunter in --

Mamatini said...

Yep, totally did a double-take on the picture when I saw it. Thought it was McDreamy too!

Natalie said...

Dear Michelle,
I enjoy immensely your Six in the City! Thank you so much. With your wits and sense of humor and lighthearted perception you definitely should write a book. It’s like Bridget Jones diary …just 18 years later.
I feel we’ve been friends for years. My 18 years old son moved out for university (your blog helps a lot to ease the sweet sadness and brings me back to you sunny side of the street). Now the 9 years old took over the throne to be the king of the hill. In early may we’re getting him from Toronto suburbia to NY for the first time, anxious to see his face. I’m passionate photographer and share your fascination with NY. And no kidding you’re a jewelry designer too? Where can I see your work?
We read with my husband your post about your night out with Rod at Del Posto and laughed recalling the similar unforgettable evening.
Please come to visit me at and

All the best to you and your lovely family.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Now you have to stop trying to make me!! I recognise the building its in front of. Estee Lauder have their head office there, I worked for Clinique and my counter team won a trip to NY and we had a good old nosy around there....beautiful!!
The Apple building is stunning, we are big Apple fans, we got an I Mac just before xmas and love it!!
Claire xx

Anonymous said...

Smart people use Macs and it's all I want to use. Although my handsome hubby likes his PC, he is also very adept with a Mac. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Anonymous said...

Michelle: My son worked at that Apple store for two yrs. & recently gave up his job to devote more time to being a personal trainer. I like your take on "McDreamys" :D ... He actually did meet his wife while working there.

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