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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

keeping my daughter off the pole (oh...hello google search)

As soon as the subway car opened my daughter Lily (age 6) spotted the pole. She grabbed on and began swinging around and around at lightning speed. Afraid that she would attempt to climb it or get so dizzy that she would fall down, I shouted:


Just let that phrase sink in for a minute.

I started to laugh and before I could stop myself I added, "And I better not have to tell you that again when you are 16."

I really need to stop blogging out loud. It's not amusing to people.


Heidi Jo said...

i do the same thing:0)

and funny, we've had a very similar incident here!

Just Mom said...


AnastasiaSpeaks said...

Oh yes it is! :)

michelle said...

JM took the acronym right out of my

Jonathan said...

Was the car empty?

Sohailah said...

okay - now I have to post this thing from The Marriage Ref on my blog - in honor of you have you seen that show?

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