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Thursday, March 11, 2010

from now on i would like my entire diet to consist only of crepes

Rod took our boys to Shake Shack on the Upper West Side for a guys night out. I thought it would be nice for Lily and I to go somewhere, too. A girl's night out. The only thing she was upset about was that the boys got Daddy and she was stuck with just me. I guess she is prepping for her teenage years when she wakes up one morning and tells me I am the one who is ruining her life.

Anyway, Lily and I walked a couple blocks to Yorkville Creperie. I have to tell you that walking to restaurants is one of my favorite things about living in the city. It's nice to walk and talk instead of drive and break up fights in the back seat.

Lily had never even tasted a crepe before. So the entire walk went something like this:

Lily: What's a crepe?
Me: It's like a pancake. Only better.
Lily: OK. Where's daddy?
Me: With your brothers.
Lily: What's a crepe?
Me: It's like a pancake. Only better.
Lily: OK. Where's daddy?
Me: With your brothers.
Lily: Oh....Can you tell me what a crepe is again?

I finally gave up and told her it was delicious. She would love it. And it would change her life. The end.

As soon as we were seated, Lily pulled out all the sugar packets and asked me to play a game. It's the same game she always wants to play in a restaurant. The problem is...there are no rules. Well, there are rules, but only she knows them. And she changes them constantly to throw you for a curve. It's a little game I like to call insanity. She loves this game. I am not a fan of this game. I quickly ordered a glass of wine.

Then I looked up and noticed the crepes were being made right there at the bar counter- behind a little wall of glass. I grabbed Lily away from her evil game of Sugar Packets and plopped her down in front of the crepe chef.

She was mesmerized. Her mouth fell open and she proclaimed that she felt like she was IN A COOKING SHOW. From her excitement you would have thought she was in Pat and Gina Neely's TV kitchen. By the way, "Down Home with the Neely's" is Lily's favorite cooking show. I'm assuming this is due to their extensive use of pork in every recipe. My girl loves her pork.

Our dinner crepes came and they were mouthwatering. Lily ordered a cheese and ham crepe. Surprise, ham! And I ordered the bruchetta crepe. We moaned after every single bite. It was delicious. Once we were done, I told Lily that if she thought that was good, she should try a dessert crepe. She laid her head down on the counter and sighed. It was all too much for her.

But I did order a dessert crepe. With strawberries. And dark chocolate. And whip creme.

Lily took one bite, looked at me and said, "Is this a dream?"
To which I replied, "No, but I'm sure it is similar to heaven."

Once we were home, Lily began to re-live the experience and tell the boys about it.


And then I heard her in the shower singing this.
A little love song about crepes.

the crepe song from six in the city on Vimeo.


ItchyBits said...

That is so cute!

Einat said...

This is pure gold!

Melissa said...

Michelle, your blog is quickly becoming on of my favorites! I look forward to reading it and this post is a perfect example of why I love it so much! -Melissa

pinkbows said...

I love her! She minds me of my Diva

Jackie said...

This was so fun to read. I love reading about your city adventures...since I'm stuck in the middle of suburbia in the midwest. LOL! I look forward to every post.


Mamatini said...

I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago, and kept coming back because I love the vicarious thrill I get from your stories of life in NYC. Awesome!

(Oh, and I have two daughters (7 and 5), both adopted from China too. The youngest is a total foodie and would think a crepe shop is heaven too!)

Teresa said...

Crepes are a favorite of mine as well...but I-Hop is as good as it gets around here! :)

Love Lily's response to Crepes, priceless!

Michelle said...

Another place I don't want to miss in december. It's on my "must-do list"! :-)
and ....Lily is so cute!! absolutely awesome!

Julie said...

Hey Michelle! I love reading your blog! I was an intern at Teen Mania in 2000 and was on college staff through 2003. My church here in Michigan has a church plant in NYC the pastor is amazing! I'm not sure if you guys are still looking but you might wanna check it out! God Bless you guys!


Anonymous said...

How sweet!!

Elizabeth said...

I think crepes are making a comeback -- we used to go to crepe restaurants back in the late seventies and early eighties, and they seemed so exotic. Then they disappeared and are back again! Yum.

And that little video was adorable!

sherilee said...

Crepes are amazing! If you want to really blow Lily's mind, take her to Lady M there in NYC for a crepe cake--crepes layered with custard (chocolate hazelnut is my favorite) and stacked to make a cake. It's heavenly!

Shana said...

The only thing that keeps me out of the crepe shop about six blocks away from my house? The new French bakery that opened up two blocks away. If I don't start bypassing that sucker, I'll be rolling to the crepe shop. My daughter's favorite crepe is banana & nutella with whipped creme. Though I must say, she hasn't sung any catchy crepe tunes.

Michelle said...

what a lovely blog. I lived in NY for a year and really miss it ... especially the garment district and all the craft supplies :o) I'll be back to see how you are getting on x

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