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Friday, March 19, 2010

caution: you might get a cavity just reading this

One of the first things I did when we moved to Manhattan was take Lily to Dylan's Candy Bar. She loved it. I thought I would take her for a repeat visit and invite Jackson (age 11) to come along. This was a little easier said than done.

Jackson is my planner. He likes to gather a great deal of information before he makes a move. Where do we need to go and why? How long will it take to get there? What will be the amount of time spent at our destination? Would we be making any additional stops along the way? Let's just say he does not leave a lot of room in his life for spontaneity. This will be great if his college roommates try to drag him to Tahiti for a weekend, but it does not bode well when I, his own mother, want to take him somewhere.

I thought inviting him to a place to load up on sugar might be different. It wasn't. I answered ALL his trivia question about the journey and he was still hesitant. He just didn't want to go. I told him he would love it. That it was the most amazing candy store ever.

Lily saw I was needing help, so she chimed in: "Come on Jackson! You'll love it so much you will forget your mind!"

I think she meant to say, "You will lose your mind!" But that's a common error, right??

It really is an amazing store. It's 3 stories and has every kind of candy imaginable.

The store has tons of candy bins where you can fill your own bag to your heart's content. Well, to your heart's content at $12.99 per pound.

Here's a tip. Prep your children before you walk in the store that the candy is not free. I didn't think this was necessary until Lily walked up to me with a mouthful of candy.

The store is so whimsical. Giant suckers on the ceiling.



The Easter displays were delightful. I definitely think the Easter Bunny needs to shop here this year.

Even the stairs have candy in them.

Maybe regular candy bars are more your thing. They've got you covered.

Or maybe, you'd like to take a bath in a giant tub of gumballs.

Wait, you're not supposed to do that. And as you can see, my daughter is getting ready to dive in.

We all had a great time. And when we left, Jackson uttered those beautiful words every mother loves to hear, "Mom, you were right."

We ate our candy all the way home. Unfortunately, the sugar high hit Lily while we were still on the bus. Unfortunately, she kicked the bus driver in the shins, too.

So after reading this post, what kind of candy are you craving now?


Anonymous said...

Oh that is just sick and wrong!!!!!! How dare you post this when a potential sugar lover might be reading, yes, just reading and unable to dive in along with Lily?
Now, that might be the first reason ever that I would want to come to New York City :D

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Ive been there, stocked up on sweets for my boys when we visited last. My friend is currently in New York and I've told her exactly how to get there! It is amazing isn't it, childrens heaven.....and adults if your a sweet/chocoholic. Jackson sounds exactly like my eldest Max who is 10, right from and early age he has had to know exactly where we are going, how long it will take, what we will do once were there etc etc!
Thanks for the fab piccies.....did lily dive into the bath of!
Claire x

Shana said...

Um, yum! My 11 year old would not hesitate for a nanosecond.

Also? This makes that "candy shoppe" in the suburban malls, the one that is, like, 400 sq feet of store, look kind of sad.

Lastly, name one thing that makes your stomach drop the way it drops when you see your child chewing something when you know you did not give them anything to chew. I let my then 8 year old walk across a Mexican restaurant to the bathroom alone (not a far walk and I couldn't leave the infant and the pitcher of margaritas unattended). He came back chewing. He had grabbed a couple of chips off of someone's table along the way. When he saw my horror he said, "But the chips are free." Perfect logic.

michelle said...

MMMM...made my mouth water!

Joanne said...

i've always been a big fan of chocolate covered gummy bears. yum.

i'll have to check out this candy store if and when i ever make it to NYC. looks like a blast!

Elizabeth said...

Places like that make such wonderful memories. In Houston we had a favorite Candy Shoppe, Candylicious" - nothing quite as huge as that, but they specialized in retro & international candy. Candy our grandparents and even we ate as children but can't be found in most grocery stores: Cherry Mashers, Big League Chew, Licorice Pipes, Cigarette Gum (what a horrible idea - but still part of my childhood candy memories), etc. They even specialized in Candy Cakes - which where huge towers of styrofoam covered top to bottom in candy - the candy were in wrappers and glue gunned on. I suppose if you wanted a cake tower you could adhere the candy with frosting. But next door to Candyliciou was the Chocolate Bar. They made their own chocolate on premises and sold anything and everything chocolate: truffles, fruit, ice cream, cake, muffins, cookies, drinks, choc. pizzas, choc popcorn, "chocolate" items for dogs: "choc" dipped biscuits, etc. To wonder from store to store was delightful and such fond memories. I hope to visit Dylan's if and when we make it to NY. So thank you for the introduction.

Anonymous said...

I bought a bag of caramels while at Target today. Guess we're all thinking candy.

ItchyBits said...

Would love to visit that shop - owned my Ralph Lauren's daughter right?

fe said...

OMG, I need to go to this store this weekend!

sherilee said...

I have a little clear acrylic box that once held M&Ms from Dylan's Candy Bar... it brings back some pretty sweet memories from a NYC visit a few years back; it was my $20 mini-bar splurge!

Such color, such wonderful candy diversity. Great post. I am craving a city trip...

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