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Monday, February 22, 2010

parade part two or a few things you may or may not find amusing

The chinese new year parade was attended by thousands or millions of people yesterday. Either way it was a lot. We were fortunate to find a good spot to see all the action and the dragons. Who wants to go to a parade where you can't see anything? Not me. I would rather be at home watching the confusing curling competition of the Olympics. By the way, is it just me or are you totally confused how they score that game? Apparently there is some strategy involved, too. At least it looks that way judging by the competitors strained faces.

Anyway, the streets were barricaded by these metal gates so the crowd could not get in the street.

But do you know who jumped the barricade so she could get good pictures? Me. I am a rebel. But that is about has far as my rebel behavior will take me. I am a low-grade rebel.

Hold on. Did you see that handsome guy behind the barricade?

I know him. I am the mother to his 4 children.

Lily loved the parade except when this came towards her and pretended he was going to eat her.

She quickly regained her composure when she realized the parade people were also passing out free loot.

The girl knows when something good is going on. She wanted EVERYTHING they were passing out. As a result we now have too many fortune cookies, Chinese calendars, and some interesting literature from the Chinese gay and lesbian group.

The only confusing part of the parade was when a Hispanic group hijacked the end of the parade with some Latin music and dancing.

They were actually quite good. But their appearance made me think it was Cinqo de Mayo. Which caused me to crave a pinata. And a margarita. Fortunately, Lily was not bothered by another culture invading her Chinese parade. She just wanted to know why girls would want to show their panties when they danced. I'm praying she feels the same way about that when she is 16.


Elizabeth said...

More wonderful pictures and funny, funny commentary! Thanks, again, for an entertaining post.

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