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Monday, January 11, 2010

channeling my inner martha stewart

We only have 2 non-bedroom closets in this little apartment and one of them is a coat closet. Let me do the math for you. That leaves us ONE CLOSET for storage. We are a family of six. Some of you suburban readers began to hyperventilate as you read the above sentences. While my fellow New Yorkers just whispered, "suck it up Newbie" under their breath.

As we unpacked our moving boxes, this spare closet was quickly filled with random items that couldn't fit anywhere else. And because we basically threw things in there and slammed the door, every time I opened them I was afraid a bowling ball would fall out and hit me on the head. We don't even own a bowling ball, but the Flintstones was about the only cartoon I was allowed to watch as a child and it has made a permanent impression on my psyche.

I finally got around to organizing these closets this past weekend. Let me tell you, it was ONE EXCITING WEEKEND! Should I go out to a Broadway play or should I stay home and organize my closets? I chose the later.

Here's my finished project:

Glorious. And I totally channelled Martha Stewart and put labels on EVERYTHING. Even the shelves below Rod's inbox. I even tried to put them on really straight, so she'd be proud.

I know. I might need a new creative outlet.

Anyway, I took about 20 pictures of the closet because I was just so darn proud of myself. And because I wanted to forget that this is waiting for me in a storage unit in the Bronx. Even though we sold almost all our belongings when we moved here, we did not get rid of enough.

I don't even know what's in there and to be honest, I don't really care. I would like to light a match to it and never think about it again. But for now, I'll keep flipping through my pictures on iphoto of my beautiful, organized closet.


michelle said...

Def a work of art. Can you take a pic in a week and post it...hee? Assuming i only have 2 boys, including the big one, they could make a mess of that in 24 hours flat. :)

Did not mean to burst your MS bubble..I am sure your's are much cleaner than mine and if not at least you have lots of pictures to reflect upon.

Faith said...

The closet looks great. I feel inspired to tackle the hallway in our rental. It is amazing how with every move we make, I try to get rid of as much stuff as possible,yet I still have those pesky few boxes that linger...

Keep blogging, I am loving your posts!

Heidi Jo said...

look fabulous...that is one small closet.

my brother and his family were transplanted for one year due to military stuff and they obviously had to live more simply....

while they still love their shoes, they have tried to recreat a much simpler life now at home too. they said it was overwhemlming to return to so much "stuff".

Karenkool said...

How much you want for those kitchen chairs?? Do you have 8? Just throwing it out there. ;-) Seriously, though.

sherilee said...

You rock at the Martha Stewart stuff. Looking at what you've been able to do in the downsizing department, I am inspired to do the same. Now what to do with this big old house and all this STUFF?! At the very least, I'm inspired to get it all organized! Thanks for that.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I am so impressed! I have visions of living simpler one day, less stuff, more organized. One day, not right now.

Emily said...

I suggest random-object-from-the-storage-unit prizes that people can win when they comment.

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion, Emily. I am clearing out my house and have been offering items to my Facebeook friends. So many have taken my castoffs. Makes me happy to know that my friends are enjoying my possessions.

Teresa said...

Great job! I love organization but it is a constant job to keep up with.

Sohailah said...

that closet IS beautiful and the storage shed totally made my stomach get in knots. they stress me out and I don't know why - don't even have one.

Anonymous said...

it's indeed spectaular.
and i have those same lap-trays
from pier one! (that is what i
spy at the bottom stacked up, no?)
supercool + can't wait to
have you over.

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