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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's all a blur

It really is. It's all a fuzzy dream. The last month has been full of packing, unpacking, joy, tears, and a glass of wine here and there to calm me down. I've been absent because my computer has been packed up and too much was going on. I thought I'd try to catch you up a bit today.

A few weeks ago, our moving truck arrived in Colorado, but not before the blizzard hit. It was like Colorado was trying to trap us there. We woke up the morning of the move and opened our front door to this:

Lovely. It took all day to pack the truck. Fortunately, my in-laws brought down their RV to whisk us away, once the last box was loaded. Here's their RV:

Do you see that behind the RV? It's a trailer. Family members bought some of my extra furniture that I couldn't transport to New York. But wait, do you see what's on the RV? Here's a closer look:

That's a stylish trailer, isn't it? Some people will use their kids to sell anything, right? I'm sure their kids are hoping the trailer rental business makes enough college money fast, so they can get their giant faces off that trailer.

I'm going to skim over the next part of the journey, because no one in my family likes to remember it. Just imagine you're in one of those Chevy Chase family vacation movies and that's what our drive was like. What should have taken us 11 hours, took 24 hours plus an overnight stay in a hotel. Out of respect for my children's psyche's I will not expound.

But we've made it to Manhattan. Still unpacking and settling in. Thanks for all your sweet emails wondering if I'm ok. We are doing great and I'll definitely share more soon!


Teresa said...

So glad you made it! It was fun seeing your kids while they stayed at Bob and Judy's. Can't wait to hear more!

Just Mom said...

You made it safely, and that's all that really matters.

Wishing you all the best in your new home.

Dana said...

Praying you all get settled in and adjusted soon!! I can't imagine what the last few months have been like for you! But, how much fun...NYC!! BTW, did you know Jay and I are only a few hours away from you guys now?!? Actually...I think Jay might be in NYC around December 7th! We just LOVE NY!! :)

nickernoodle said...

So glad you guys finally made it safe and sound. Just think......some day....yes someday you will all look back on this and just laugh. Can't wait to start seeing pictures of NYC!!! I am going to come visit sometime!!

Heidi Jo said...

what an adventure! i have been thinking of you often. you courage and strength are admirable. can't wait to read more about your move.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Here you are......was just thinking about you th other day. Hope all is well Michelle and that you are settling into NYC. Your head must be in overdrive and adjusting to all the changes.......but NY at Christmas, what a lovely start to your new adventure! Keeep well.

meg duerksen said...

hi michelle!
i sat with you at silver bella making the silver heart box. my friend and i knew about charity water. :)
i finally remembered today (because someone reminded me while i was sitting at the computer!) to check your blog!
i am so happy to see that you have made it safely to NY. how exciting! i look forward to checking in on your progress.
i am sending a package of goodies today to go to julie's water project.
all the money goes to charity water.
take care!

Natasha said...

Hi Michelle, what an amazing adventure, thanks for sharing. I love what you did with the apt!! Do you mind sharing where you bought your couch? I am looking for a new one and love the design. All the best.

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