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Thursday, October 22, 2009

a whole lot of nothin' going on

I wish the above statement were true, but it's not. It sounds divine doesn't it? "A whole lot of nothin' going on." I close my eyes and think of that statement and instantly I'm transported to a beach in Mexico where a cabana boy named Juan is serving me ceviche with homemade tortilla chips, poolside. Let me clarify "poolside." I am IN THE POOL when he hands me my ceviche and chips. Yes- that would be the epitome of a whole lot of nothin' going on. Eating ceviche. In the pool.

But NOT HERE. No sir. This household has a whole lot of EVERYTHING going on right now. As you know we're preparing for our move to the big city, but we also thought we'd jack our activities up another level because I kinda like the feeling that my head might explode from everything that is going on around me.

Last week, my son Jackson (age 10) accompanied my husband to Ethiopia to check out some of the wells charity:water has built. I didn't mention it last week when they were actually gone because it would have been like I was saying, "HEY INTERNETS! My husband isn't home. Not only is he not home, but he is in another country! Feel free to come on over and terrorize little ol' me!" Actually, I do think I could probably fend for myself. After all, I recently shot my first hand gun and was a pretty good shot. Here is the proof.

Do you see that? A shot right in the jugular, and three to the heart. The jugular, people. That's all I'm saying.

But, back to the Ethiopia trip. It was amazing. Jackson was able to visit remote villages and schools that had recently received clean drinking water. To see the change this made in their daily lives was quite sobering for him. I wasn't able to communicate with them that much because of poor Internet connections. But after about four days of only a brief text or two, I texted Rod and requested a picture. My 10 year old son is ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. I would like proof of life, please. He was kind enough to answer my request:

It just warmed my heart. I'm so happy my 10 year old experienced Africa. You can't go to Africa and not be changed. There is something about that place. About the people. Africa changes you. I should know because about 25 years ago I spent a summer there with some college friends.

That's me on the right. And yes, my hair was permed. It was the '80s. Enough said. If you were able to zoom in, you'd also see that I was probably in desperate need of an eyebrow wax. Apparently the 80's were for perms and furry eyebrows.

I'm happy to say my husband and son are back home, safe and sound. I have loved hearing all their stories. I'm thankful for the opportunity they had, even if it was at a crazy time in our lives. I'm thankful Africa made an impression on them. I hope we are all able to back there together someday.

PS. I apologize for the excessive use of CAPS in this post. But I have a whole lot of somethin' going on here!


nickernoodle said...

I would love to go on a missions trip to Africa. So glad that Jackson got to go and experience it! Looks like he was having a great time. So glad they are back safe and sound!!!

Heidi Jo said...

what a blessing it is to expose our children to the enormity of their wealth and privelege here in america. your son will never be the same, i am sure.

it is so refreshing to see someone actually use good judgement in regards to what they share on the internet. not many follow that lead:0)

i have been drawing strength from you as of late. we too are moving. but unlike you, it is not 1000+ miles away, to the big city. we get to move towards home. but everytime that i feel overwhelmed or emotional, i say a prayer for you...realizing that God must know what we are capable of---and i, my dear, am not capable of what you are attempting to do.

blessing to you and your family. on a very small scale, i know how letting go hurts.

Just Mom said...

Wow, what a great experience for your son.

btw ... I shot for the jugular too the first time I fired a handgun. :-D

Teresa said...

What an awesome experience for Jackson. You are so right when you say you can't go to Africa without being changed. They are such beautiful people, many in such desperation. We will be returning to Africa in the spring to get our little boy. Can't wait!

Kellee said...

That is amazing, Michelle. So neat that he was able to take Jackson. What great memories!

Mo said...

I think it's fantastic that your son had such an opportunity and that you allowed him to go! So many parents would be freaked out. (I'm sure you were as well, but you did let him do it.)

Cheers to you all!

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