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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

oh baby, baby grand

As I mentioned before, I'm getting rid of a lot of things around the house before we move. We all know a 6 bedroom suburban home will not fit into a 3 bedroom NYC apartment, no matter how much you squeeze. It's like those jeans you had before you had kids. It's better to face reality and realize your butt is bigger now. Sorry, I digress...

So I'm getting rid of beds. All my kids will go to twin size beds. Right now one of my kids is sleeping on the floor because we have already sold his bed. Poor child. There is nothing in his room but a mattress. Seriously, no personal effects, no dresser, no bed...just a mattress on the floor. It looks like a Dr Phil intervention for a rebellious teen.

I've also realized my baby grand piano will simply not work in a NYC apartment. I did throw around the idea of using it as a kitchen table. I could pull up bar stools to it and the kids could eat their waffles there for breakfast. Maybe I could even play them a song while they ate? Just a thought.

But this baby grand piano has been a tough situation. It was my great-grandmother's piano. It was the piano my mom played growing up. It was the piano that I played as a child, too. Many long tortuous hours were spent practicing there. Of course there were lighter times spent there, too. Like the years I thought I could be a song writer. Ahh, the dreams of youth. The problem was my voice sounds like a frog in a bucket and I found out you can't make a demo that will gain any traction with those kind of pipes.

So, there is a huge part of me that can't bear to part with this piano. I'm too sentimental with it. Plus I've heard things from my family like "Your grandfather will ROLL OVER IN HIS GRAVE if you get rid of that." I really don't want to disturb my grandfather, so I'm storing it and my sister is going to save her pennies to have it shipped out to her.

This week I'm making the final rounds, room by room, drawer by drawer and purging before the movers come next week. Trying to remain calm and plan accordingly, Who knows, I might even face reality and throw away a few pair of jeans.


Spsmiles said...

I remember that piano! I'm glad you don't have to sell it! Loving being able to read all about your latest adventure...much grace to you! Can't imagine downsizing a family of 6!

RachelNoah627 said...

Oh good! I couldn't bare it if you said you were going to loose it! Thank God for sisters!!!

Alicia LaVire said...

one things for sure, I wish I could go to your garage sale!

Sohailah said...

Wow - this move is really affecting me. I check your blog every day to see what you are dealing with now... seriously. Glad to hear about the piano.

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