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Monday, October 12, 2009

3 quotes and the truth

We are leaving Colorado in 15 days. Excuse me, I need to go find a paper bag to breathe into....OK, I'm back now. As you know, there are a lot of steps involved in a move. One of the most important steps is finding a moving company. Let me clarify that. It's easy to find a moving company, but to find the right moving company is a different story. You want one that will actually show up, take care of your precious valuables, deliver your things to the right state, and not charge you 25% of your annual income.

I decided to get quotes from 3 major moving companies. I'm a smart shopper.

Moving Company A showed up with a fine representative. He was an older gentleman who looked like Santa Clause. I'm sure if my 6 year old had been at home when he came, she would have asked him where he parked his reindeer. I was a little concerned when he showed up though, because he brought along a suitcase. Turns out it was his printer. He probably should have also packed some snacks in that suitcase because he was in my home for TWO HOURS. That's too much one-on-one time for this task oriented introvert. I've got things to do. I like to squeeze in a nap before I pick up my kids from school.

Moving Company B showed up without a suitcase, which was a good sign. But he kept trying to sell me with how great his packers are. "I've got the best packers in the state." "My packers are fantastic." "You'll just looooove my packers." I felt like I was living an infomercial and at any moment he was going to try to sell me a Slanket.

Moving Company C's representative showed up and was in and out in 15 minutes. Big points scored there. The only thing out of the ordinary was that he had a glass eye. Seriously. Luckily, being from the south, I am schooled in the art of avoidance, and knew which eye to concentrate on.

After all was said and done, Moving Company C had the best quote. The representative came back to my home to sign the paperwork. Again, in and out in 15 minutes. (Noticing a 15 minute pattern here. I'm wondering if they can also load the truck in 15 minutes?) As I walked him to the door he shook my hand and thanked me for my business. I felt like we had a bond. I felt like I could trust him with my home. I felt like we were close. I guess he felt like that too, because after he SHOOK MY HAND, he told me his son was infected with the H1N1 virus.

Great. I should have gone with Moving Company A. Santa would NEVER knowingly infect his client with the swine flu.


Anonymous said...

Use your authority in Jesus and pray for his son to be healed.

No worries sickness & disease can't come stick with you or your family... your protected by the blood of Jesus.

Lisa H said...

Wow, only 15 days left! Now would not be the best time to introduce your children to the swine flu. :)

nickernoodle said...

Oh no!!! I will be praying that everyone will be healthy and you will have a smooth transition into the big city. I would be so excited yet apprehensive too. Good luck and I can't wait to start seeing pics of NYC! I have to live it through your eyes until I can come visit.

Sohailah said...

I think H1N1 only lasts 15 minutes.,\

Leah said...

We've been packed up and moved twice by moving companies. I can't offer you any great encouraging stories. My advice, don't leave your great grandmother's wedding ring in your jewelry box. Very very bad and forgetful decision on my part.

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