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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's fabulous outdoor space

Maybe God needs to add this to His original Ten Commandments. For my sake. Amen.

It's true that from my apartment I have fabulous views of the city and the water. It's glorious and I absolutely LOVE it. But now that it is spring, I see that my 31st floor apartment also has views of some outdoor spaces.

Luxurious outdoor apartment spaces I tell you. Luxurious.

Here's a few I can see from my apartment. I've got a pretty good zoom on my trusty camera (a little blurry, but still good).

Oops. Sorry, I didn't know you were sunbathing. Thank goodness you aren't European. That would have been embarrassing. For me.

What about this one? I love the teak furniture, don't you? Very symmetrical. I like that. I tend to get a bit agitated if things are off center or on the diagonal. For instance, if I walk into your bedroom and see your bed is angled from the corner, I will get the shakes. I'm just warning you.

This one's harder to see, but it looks like they have an arbor built on their terrace. With vines growing all over it. Lovely. Just lovely.

This has a little gazebo over it. It's pretty swanky though. I'm waiting for them to have a party and I might go crash it. It looks like the type of outdoor space that has a lot of parties.

I love that they have a greenhouse on their terrace. I bet they grow tomatoes. Or orchids. Or something else.

OK, that was the last one. I'll put my camera away for now. But aren't you glad I risked their privacy to show you how some people live in the city?


momandkiddo said...

Amen. The worst, however, is when your downstairs neighbor has a garden the size of your apartment which she lets become a den of weeds. Not that I know anything about that, I'm just saying.

Paloma VarĂ³n said...

Wow, wonderful views. Do you live in the Empire State Building? :P

Evita Gahagan said...

@Mom and Kiddo - that's ME!!! The neighbor just below us has a massive "yard" that's all overgrown and gross. I try to limit my time spent looking longingly out our back windows while my toddlers jump on our couches and take all the books off our bookshelves. ::sigh::

Thanks for peek, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the symmetry. We had one shutter on our house slightly crooked and every time I drove up my mind would just say "crooked shutter, crooked shutter, crooked shutter..." I drove my husband crazy until he fixed it. I also do not care for the diagonal bed. It's just wrong.

snekcip said...

LOL @ the symmetry comment!!! I definitely a symmetry person!! A crooked wall frame, rug, books in a "staggered" pattern, even a couch midway the floor,just drives me nuts!!! The diagonal bed would just send me over the edge!! To see it is one thing, but to SLEEP on it... I'm w/anonymous above's just wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Note to self: lock my doors... I confess to having had a diagonal bed at times and liking it. But I'm an oddball in other ways. Please let me off the hook.

Anonymous said...

Awesome outdoor spaces! It is amazing what can be built on top of tall buildings. I recall viewing several beautiful rooftop spaces from my hotel room on a visit to the city years ago and admiring the beautiful gardening. Your blog is so fun! What do families do for swimming on hot days in the city-those without a rooftop pool that is :) ?

michelle from Six in the City said...

Anonymous: I'm not sure what those families do yet:-) But I am one of those families, so I'll find out soon!

Dakota3 said...

What a great view you have from your
apartment! Thanks for sharing the photos.
Best wishes, Cindy

MaMaWilson said...

so, pretty!! once again so jealous of you! :)

stacy di said...

what fun neighbor snooping :)

I just found you via your blog...I'd LOVE to move to nyc, too...meanwhile, I'll look forward to your posts!

SleeplessInKL said...

This post reminded me of a project that Oprah did in Chicago (I think) where they re-did an entire apartment block's terrace :)

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